Saturday, April 27, 2013

And Blizzcon is sold out......kinda.

So the door has closed on yet another ticket sales for Blizzcon 2013. To those that got their tickets, grats, I hope you have lots of funa nd feel free to send pics here and I'll post them up. For those that didn't get your tickets, total bummer. However, depending on how big your wallet is, you are not out of luck yet. Tickets are now up for sale for Blizzcon 2013.....on ebay. Yes friends, you can big your Blizzcon tickets on ebay if you really really want to go. And for a mere $300 (average cost per ticket), you can go! You can check out the listings here if you are interested. They are a bit too steep for my wallet, but for those that can afford them, good luck and happy bidding!

Blizzcon tickets: Wave 2 Incoming!

Ok people, this is your last chance to buy Blizzcon 2013 tickets! They go on sale at 10:00am pst (1:00pm est). The last set, which went on sale at 7pm PDT on Wednesday and were sold out in a crazy amount of time, like 15-20 mins.

Want them badly? I recommend getting to the site and getting ready NOW! Get some friends to help you get a good spot in queue. There is really not much else you can do to try to get them except hope you have a lot of good luck. So run that lucky rabbits foot and kiss your 4 leaf clover. Goo luck and I hope you get your tickets! Click here to head straight over and get ready to buy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome to Dalaran Brilliance!

Welcome to Dalaran Brilliance. Now I know what you are gonna say, "Why should I read your blog when there are so many other blogs out there?". Well, to be honest, I have no idea. I have been blogging for a long time now and I feel that I can provide come good information, funny commentary and interesting insight in to the game. I started off a few years ago with Neo's Challenging Roar, which was mainly a bear tanking blog. After playing WoW for a good number of years, and the fact that Cata seemed to me like they really phoned it in, I got burned out and left for the new Star Wars MMO. And, being addicted to blogging, I fired up Button Mashers of the Empire. But, with the game taking a turn for the worse very quickly and most of the people I played with leaving, I left swtor for a bleak gaming future. But then I was offered a resurrection scroll for Mists of Panderia and suddenly that future was not so bleak. This expansion clearly had the "A" team working in it again. Within just a couple of days, I was firing back up my subscription and back in the leveling game. It's now been 4 months now that I've been back and, well, the blog bug has bitten again. So here I am, blogging again about WoW and loving it. I guess I'd say that you can always find something of interest on this blog. And with that, lets do this....